Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Young and Crazy
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Air Tawar Beach
Batu Burok Beach
Batu Rakit Beach
Bukit Keluang Beach
Chendering Beach
Merang Beach
Kelulut Beach
Kemasik Beach
Kijal Beach
Penarik Beach
Paka Beach
Rantau Abang Beach
Tanjung Jara Beach
Teluk Bidara Beach
The magnificent coastline of Terengganu offers much in the form of secluded palm-fringed coves and popular picnic spots for a family outing by the beach. Easily accessible via the picturesque coastal highway, a walk on the beach is recommended. Set against the idyllic islands as picture perfect backgrounds with traditional fishing villages and their coastal fishing boats dotted on the stretches of golden sands. An early morning walk is recommendable, pampered by cool breeze of the sea to witness activities of local fishermen or perhaps to witness the dazzling colours of sunrise.